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Bears n Breakfast

Need for relaxation,

take care of your body and mind

Caught up in our daily lives and the multitude of things that are our responsibility,  we tend to forget ourselves, to neglect our body and our mind.
          One of the best ways to remedy this is to take time for yourself,                particularly through the well-being provided by massage. It's a pause, a suspended moment, a total disconnection, a space of time where the mind, body and soul come together.
3 types of massage are offered to you :

Californian Massage


The Californian massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes tissue oxygenation, relaxes the muscles and relieves tension in depth. By releasing buried emotions, this massage can help the recipient to refocus.

Free yourself from stress

Slimming Massage


Refine and detoxify

 Body wrap with several benefits. It helps nourish, hydrate and firm the skin. I offer you a special detoxifying and draining slimming massage for a refined silhouette by losing centimeters around the waist or thighs (depending on the targeted area), and reducing the orange peel appearance.

Hot Oil Massage

Massage oil

To relax

True self-care, a relaxing body massage

with hot oils provides a lot of good. It helps to soothe

muscle tension and relieve fatigue and

muscle aches.

Ultimately, the person being massaged experiences a feeling of

absolute relaxation.

To best meet your expectations, we offer more advantageous session or package rates.

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